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This one week trip will involve hepatobiliary surgeon from Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital, in Sydney,  Professor Charbel Sandroussi conducting the fourth laparoscopic visit to National Referral Hospital (NRH) to teach finer points of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  Dr Scott Siota will be responsible for recruiting patients (ideally 2-3 for each day of surgery) for this one week visit. The objective is for Dr Scott Siota and his team of registrars to be competent in doing lapaoroscopic cholecystectomy and intra operative cholangiogram independently by the end of this visit.



charbel sandroussi's team


September 2018

suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin  Destination Confirmed
 details  Prof Charbel Sandroussi  Hepatobiliary Surgeon 8th Oct – 12th Oct 2018 Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital, Sydney NRH, Honiara  Yes
 details  Dr Jessica Lim  Anaesthetist  8th Oct – 12th Oct 2018  Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital, Sydney  NRH, Honiara  Yes
 Dr Scott Siota  General Surgeon  8th Oct – 12th Oct 2018  National Referral Hospital (NRH), Honiara  NRH, Honiara  Yes
 a/Prof  Charbel Sandroussi  and Dr Jessica Lim will arrive in Honiara the weekend prior. He will teach laparoscopic surgery to surgeons at NRH from Monday 7th Oct – Friday 12th Oct 2018, with NRH providing an anaesthetist and nurse, and quarantined OT room for this one week training session (the third of its kind) teaching finer aspects of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Necessary equipment (including three bottles of CO2), and all screening will be done prior to Prof Sandroussi’s visit by Dr Scot Siota’s team. Final confirmation of the above will be made by the NRH team by 7th August 2018 to allow final bookings of flights and accommodation to proceed.