This one week gynaecology visit to Gizo Hospital began on Friday 30th June with Gynaecologists Dr David Knox (from Orange) Dr Leeanne Panisi (Head of Dept O&G – Solomon Islands), and Dr Angeline Nagu (from Honiara), screening over fifty patients with twenty four patients booked for surgery with two more Gynaecologist’s (Dr Araz Boghossian & Dr Alan Tong), two anaesthetists (Dr Keo Lacy & Dr Simon Koh), one resident doctor (Dr Michelle Yu), and four medical students (Francis Ratnakumar, Mandy Wang, Sarah Dolan & John Griscti) joining the team.

Over the one week period all cases were performed except for two patients cancelled because of dengue fever and one patient changed her mind.  There were only sufficient nursing staff to run one operating list with three local Gizo nursing staff and one registrar on leave.


Medical students Mandy Wang and Francis Ratnakumar with Panda the boat driver.

Cases performed included 7 abdominal hysterectomies, 7 diagnostic laparoscopies, two Caesarean sections, 7 dilatation and curretttes for sepsis and incomplete miscarriage, and 5 small minor procedures.  Although the volume of work was less than expected this trip was a first for Dr Panisi and Dr Nagu from NRH who were introduced to laparoscopic surgery.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2bdbGynaecologist Dr David Knox at bow of “pencil boat” with volcanic mount Kolambabgara to the left. 

Unfortunately, anaesthetist Dr Simon Koh developed a rapidly progressing cutaneous eruption that required urgent evacuation back to Sydney for medical care, resulting in only one anaesthetist for the last three days of the trip.


Mandy Wang, Francis Ratnakumar and Dr Araz Boghossian.

20170706_152800Left to right: Dr Araz Boghossian, Dr Alan Tong, Francis Ratnakumar (Med student), Dr Jahrad Liligeto, Dr David Knox, Sophia Hill, Dr Michelle Yu, Dr Leeanne Panisi, Dr Angeline Nagu, Dr Leo Lacy, Viola (scrub Nurse), Mandy Wang (Med student), Joyce (scrub nurse) & Clayton Dalano (OT nurse manager).


Dr Araz Boghossian, Dr Alan Tong’s family Sophia Hill, Francis Ratnakumar & Mandy Wang getting free lift back to Lazy beach. 


Medical student Mandy Wang with anaesthetist Dr Leo Lacy and Gynaecologist Dr Alan Tong and family.

Dr Alan Tong DAISI volunteer

Dr Alan Tong at Lazy beach putting scalpal blade to good use!  

youngest volunteers

DAISI’s youngest volunteers! 

The team at Rekonna lodge.

lazy beach

Relaxing in the cool water at Lazy beach.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2cc4Scrub Nurses Patty and Viola. 


DAISI trip # 9 – 28th June -9th July 2017 (Gynaecology) to Gizo hospital



5 minors (diathermy cervix)
1 major laparotomy
7 diagnostic Laparoscopy
7 D&C
7 total abdominal hysterectomy (open)
27 Total Cases