The DAISI team after a trip to Sopas waterfall.

This DAISI trip was the fourth to Sopas District Hospital, Enga Province in the remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  This trip involved nine volunteers and was the first trip to introduce laparoscopic surgery to the gynaecology team.


This DAISI trip was requested on 17/1/19 and received hospital approval on. 17/1/19.  It was cancelled on 26/5/17 due to security concerns and re-confirmed again on 30/5/19.

It was the fourth DAISI trip to Enga Province and involved Gynaecologists Ishwari Casikar, Gynae Registrar Dr Sean Heinz, Dr Byron Field, and Dr Laura Edwards, neurosurgeon Dr Vidyasagar Casikar & anaesthetist Dr Ammar BeckGeneral surgery Registrar Dr Nargis Noori, Emergency/Critical Care Registrars Dr Mahsa Kaikhosrovi and Dr Jose Pereira also attended.

Eight of the nine volunteers were all from Nepean Public Hospital, Penrith, Western Sydney, with Dr Byron Field from Sunshine Coast Hospital, Queensland.

The trip was for 7 days and with DAISI team departing Sydney on at 8:10am Air Nuigini on a Saturday 1st June 2019, and arriving Port Moresby 11:10am.  They spent the night in Port Moresby at the Airways Hotel (2 minutes by taxi from the airport).  Visa’s were issued on arrival to Port Moresby, with Temporary Medical Registration Documents being approved and received the day prior!

port moresby meeting

The team were met by Jerry Hoga, and shown the planned developments and new hospital for  Enga Province. 

The team then departed Port Moresby the following day (ie. Sunday 2nd June 2019) at 8:45am, and arrived Wapendamanda 10:15am the same Sunday.
Dr Elvis Japhlet and Dr Kumbia organised pick up form the airport,

arrival of team

Dr Elvis Japhlet meeting the DAISI team at Wapenamanda Airport, Rbga Province.

The team were provided safe passage to Sopas District Hospital, where the DAISI team was accommodated on the hospital grounds.


DAISI team arrive at Sopas

The emphasis of this trip was to teach laparoscopic and vaginal hysterectomy as requested by Dr Kumbia.


Outside the O&G Ward. Left to right: Drs Byron Field, Laura Edwards, Nargis Noori, Sean Heinz & Ishwari Casikar.



The welcome banner for DAISI  volunteers.


A trip to Sopas Waterfall with locals


More than 200 patients turned up with 115 screened all day (8am- 8pm) Monday 3rd June.  


Gynae educational session at Sopas District Hospital



Tour of Wabag historical museum.



Dr Ishwari Casikar, Dr Antonia Kumbia, Dr Mahsa Kaikhosrovi, Dr Laura Edwards, Gynae Registrar, Noreen (scrub nurse), Nargis Noori, ? scrub nurse.


Anna Japhlet preparing spices for Mumu.


Covering the Mumu pit.


Dr Antonia Kumbia, Dr Ishwari Casikar, and Sopas Hospital staff at farewell dinner.


Volunteers  Left to right: Dr Jose Pereira, Dr Nargis Noori, Dr Mahsa Kaikhosrovi, Dr Vidyasagar Casikar, Dr Laura Edwards, Dr Ishwari Casikar, Dr Ammar Beck, Dr Sean Heinz, Dr Byron Field, & Dr Elvis Japhlet. 


The team departed Wapendamanda airport a week later on Saturday 8th June at 10:40am, (Air Nuiguini PX991) and arrived Port Moresby 12:10pm, with 1h15min stop over in Port Moresby, departing Port Moresby International Airport 2:oopm (Qantas QF58) arriving Brisbane international airport at 4:35pm with 1:30min stope-over in Brisbane.

They then departed Brisbane domestic airport 6:05pm (Virgin VA978) arriving Sydney 7:40pm Saturday 8th June 2019.

DAISI would like to give special thanks to Head Gynaecologist Dr Antonia Kumbia and gynaecology registrar Dr Charles Mangoekia. Special thanks also to the operating theatre nurse manager sister Rose Philip, nurse Anna Japhlet & Noreen John and all the Sopas District Hospital nursing staff who worked tirelessly making this trip possible.


DAISI trip # 7 – June 2019 (Laparoscopic Gynaecology and Neurosurgery) to Sopas District Hospital, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea.


112 patients screened

15 operations performed:
5 minor (laparoscopic)
10 major (laparoscopic)
0 minors (open)
0 majors (open)