Below is a list of upcoming DAISI ZOOM sessions on topics to do with anaestheticssurgery and gynaecology.

Surgical ZOOM sessions occur 5-6pm (AEST) the last Tuesday of each month.

Anaesthetic ZOOM sessions 4-5pm (AEST) and Gynae ZOOM sessions occur 5-6pm (AEST) every three months.






5-6pm Tues 19th OCT 2021
Gynae Topic: Ovarian Disease


Expert Panel from Vanuatu/Australia/Solomon Islands/PNH & Kiribati:

Dr Boniface Damutalau, Dr Peter Bell, Dr Leeanne Panisi, Dr Chris Dereveke, Dr Benjamin Koete, Dr Jack Siwainao, Dr Debra Smith, Dr Grace Kariwiga, Dr Margaret Tarere-Lehi , Dr Ioanna Beiatau & David Knox.     

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4-5pm Thurs 21st OCT 2021
Anaesthetic Topic: Trauma

Expert Panel: Drs Jess Lim/Roumel Valentin/Bata Anigafutu/Dr Delwyn Pitakoe
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5-6pm (AEST) Tue 26th OCT
Surgical Topic: Anal Conditions

Expert Panel: Drs Gary McKay/Santee Santhanam/Scott Siota
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5-6pm (AEST) Tue 30th NOV  
Surgical Topic: Plastics

Expert Panel: Drs Sepehr Lajevardi/Scott Siotta
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4-5pm Tues 14th DEC 2021
Anaesthetic Topic: Paediatrics

Expert Panel: Drs Elane Clark/Lilian Yuan/Bata Anigafutu/Delwyn Pitakoe
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5-6pm Tues 14th DEC 2021
Gynae Topic: Rif Pain, and PID

Expert Panel: Drs Leeanne Panisi/Gary McKay
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5-6pm (AEST) Tue 21st DEC 2021
Surgical Topic: GIT/endoscopy

Expert Panel: Prof Konrad Richter/Drs Santee Santhanam/Rooney Jagilly
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5-6pm (AEST) Tue 25th JAN 2021
Surgical Topic: Cancer services

Expert Panel: Prof Desmond Yip/Drs Debra Smith/Dr Mike Buin
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5-6 (AEST) Tue 22nd FEB 2022  
Surgical Topic: Neck Lumps

Expert Panel: Drs Ben Green/Douglas Pikacha
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