A team of 13 specialist doctors volunteered at Gizo hospital for two weeks from 16-29th January 2017 screening over 200 cases and doing 142 operations. Cases included head & neck, ENT, plastics, general surgery as well as laparoscopic & endoscopic surgery.  This trip was particularly important in dealing with wait-listed surgical patients with the recent unexpected leave of all but one surgeon in the Solomon Islands during this period.

This team included five colorectal surgeons (Dr Andrew Luck, Dr Carina Chow, Dr Santee Santhanam, Dr Anil Koshy & Dr Gary McKay), one Breast & Endocrine surgeon (Dr Ben Green), one ENT surgeon (Dr Hossein Mohammad Lajvardi) one Plastics Registrar (Dr Sepehr Lajevardi), one unaccredited surgical registrar (Dr Rachel Khoo), one GP (Dr Ann Koshy) and three anaesthetists (Dr Christy Yeow, Dr Jonathan Lau and Dr Brian Lewer). A fourth anaesthetist Dr Pierre Kotze was refused entry and turned back due to being on a non-Australian passport. Three medical students (Dr Alannah Luck, Mona Sajeev and Nivanka De Silva) and one registered nurse (Anita McKay) also volunteered.

Non-specialist doctors (GP Anil Koshy) and non-medical volunteers also visited the local village participating in games, song and dance activities with the children.

ben & mona

Left to right: Scrub nurse Pattie with Dr Ben Green & Medical student Mona about to do a thyroidectomy.

Carina Chow doing hernia

Left to right: Medical student Mona, Anaesthetist Jonathan Lau, colorectal surgeon Carina Chow and scrub nurse Pattie doing inguinal hernia repair.

Left to right: Dr Andrew Luck & Dr Anil Koshy doing laparotomy for left renal mass.


Left to right: Colorectal surgeon Dr Santee Santhanam prepping patient and anaesthetist Dr Brian Lewer doing mask induction anaesthetic for 1 year old with congenital scalp cyst

anita mckay & anne koshy

Left to right: Registered nurse Anita McKay and GP Dr Ann Koshy recovering a patient.


Left to right: Dr Sepehr Lajevardi (plastics registrar) and Dr Hossein Mahammad Lajvardi (ENT surgeon) with patient after nasolabial facial reconstruction surgery.


Left to Right: Roshini McKay, Pattie, Henrieta (Matron) Clayton Dalano (Theatres Manager), Dr Ben Green, Dr Carina Chow, Chris, Dr Jonathan Lau, Dr Christy Yeow, Dr Santee Santhanam.

carina chow and team

Left to right: Dr Carina Chow, Dr Ben Green, Dr Santee Santhanam, Dr Gary McKay, Roshini McKay, Dr Christy Yeow & Dr Jonathan Lau at Gizo hospital main entrance.

laparoscopic surgery dr luck

Left to right: Dr Andrew Luck doing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

dr gary mckay
Left to right: Dr Gary McKay, Dr Hossein Mahammad Lajvardi, Dr Richard Hapa, Gloria Seo and Dr Sepehr Lajevardi – doing thyroidectomy

DAISI members in boat

Left to right: Dr Hossein Mohammad Lajvardi, Dr Rachel Khoo, Dr Andrew Luck, Dr Sepehr Lajevardi (front) Panda (boat driver), Alex Koshy, Dr Gary McKay, Dr Anil Koshy, Dr Santee Santhanam – boat trip from Fatboys to hospital.
rachel khoo and sepehr lajevardi
Left to right: Dr Rachel Khoo & Dr Sepehr Lajevardi doing tendon transfer repair.


Left to right: Dr Ann Koshy, Alannah Luck, Dr Gary McKay, Dr Anil Joshy, Dr Rooney Jagilly (Medical Superintendent NRH), Dr Ben Green, Dr Brian Lewer, Dr Santee Santhanam, at Honiara airport returning to Australia.

brian lewer & anil koshy at Gizo

Left to right: Medical students Mona, Alannah Luck & Nivanka De Silva with anaesthetist Dr Brian Lewer (front), & Dr Anil Koshy doing laparoscopic appendicectomy.


Left to right: Front row: Dr Gary McKay, Vasu Santhanam, Dr Santee Santhanam, Dr Brian Lewer and wife Mrs Lewer: Rear row: Dr Andrew Luck, Dr Hossein Mahammad Lajvardi, Dr Ann Koshy, Gloria Seo, Christine Zhang, & Jennifer Kim.


Left to right: Front row: Gloria Seo (medical scientist) Sarah Koshy, Alannah Luck (medical student) Jennifer Kim (psychologist), Anita McKay (registered nurse) & Christine Zhang. Middle row: Dr Sepehr Lajevardi (plastics registrar), Alex Koshy & Dr Rachel Khoo (plastics registrar): Rear row: Dr Andrew Luck (colorectal surgeon) Roshini McKay (enrolled nurse), Dr Gary McKay, Dr Santee Santhanam & Dr Anil Koshy (colorectal surgeons) & Dr Ann Koshy (GP) relaxing at Fatboys resort.

Santee, Jonathan, Christy & Ben on boat ride

Left to right: Dr Santee Santhanam, Dr Jonathan Lau, Dr Christy Yeow & Dr Ben Green travelling to Gizo hospital by boat from Fatboys resort.


Farewell dinner at Fatboys.


Trip # 1 GIZO HOSPITAL 16-29th Jan 2017





Visiting Gizo Hospital as an Anaesthetist