DAISI’s Audit Committee is elected by the Executive Board ever two years as per policy, and is responsible for statutory compliance, accounting, risk management and finance.

Committee members:

  • Nili Hali (Chair)
  • Sam Deylami
  • Sepehr Lajevardi


Nili Hali

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Nili Hali is a barrister with experience in international law and volunteer work, and has been DAISI’s Child Protection and Legal Officer practicing in this capacity on a Pro-Bono basis since 2015.

Nili Spent some time at the United Nations in The Hague, The Netherlands and feels strongly about social justice and human rights issues. Nili is a DAISI member and volunteer having being part of the first DAISI team to volunteer in the Solomon Islands.

Nili has  a particular interest in child and women’s welfare and safety issues and has been instrumental in raising donations for the women and children’s wards at Gizo Hospital.

sam deylami

Mr Sam Deylami

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Mr Sam Deylami has experience in Industrial Management and Finance and is DAISI’s official registered accountant and member of THE Institute of Public Accountants.  Mr Deylami  advises DAisi in all finance matters.  In addition Mr Deylami provides pro bono services to a number of other charitable organisations including the Haemophilia Foundation New South Wales, Launchpad Youth Community,  Ryde Persian School and some other charities.

number of DAISI trips to NPH. 


Dr. Sepehr Lajevardi

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Dr Sepehr Lajevardi is the current Kiribati Program Officer. Dr Lejavardi was Co-founder of DAISI, and previous elected Treasuer (2015-2017) and Chair (2018-2019).  Dr Lajevardi has been instrumental in organising the donation of much needed medical supplies and organising funding grants for DAISI projects. Dr Lajevardi has a particular interest in plastics and hand/tendon surgery.