This year (2020) there are three Gynae trips  to PNG, and the Solomon Islands.

If you would like to join one of these trips, or have sufficient experience to start a separate trip, please complete the “apply now” online application.

The status of planned trips is indicated by the colour of text :

Black text = trip not yet confirmed/approved by hospital. 
green text = trip has been confirmed/approved by hospital.
red text = trip cancelled. 


Trip # 1. Dr Sean Heinz & Dr Peter Bell (Gynae & Laparoscopy) Sat 14th Mar – Sun 22nd Mar 2020,  Gizo Hospital (Western Province), Solomon Islands.

Trip#  2. Alan Tong (Gynae & Laparoscopy) – 28th September – 2nd October  2020 – Gynae Surgery – Gizo Hospital (Western Province), Solomon Islands.

Trip # 3. Peter Bell, (Gynae & Laparoscopy)  7th – 15th November  2020,  Sopas Hospital (Enga Province), Papua New Guinea.