If you would like to volunteer your medical services in Papua New Guinea, then there are many hospitals to choose from.


Medical registration

All doctors volunteering need to apply for temporary medical registration with application direct to Dr Osborn Liko, Chirf Surgeon, PNG Medical Board . In addition to a copy of current medical registration and proof of training a police criminal records check is also mandatory. In Australia this can be applied for online with credit card payment of $42.00.  A letter of current employment is also required. 

Sopas District Hospital

Sopas District hospital is located in the Remote Enga Province, of the Highlands of PNG.  It has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DAISI and regularly receives DAISI volunteers. Access is via Wapenamanda airport. In March 2019 Sopas District Hospital acquires laparoscopic Surgery.


Port Moresby General Hospital

Port Moresby General Hospital (see photo below) is located in the capital city of Port Moresby and is the major public referral hospital in the country.


Angau Memmorial Hospital  +675 472 6095

The country’s second-largest hospital, Angau Memorial (see photo below) is located in the second largest city Lae. It has undergone recent significant redevelopment thanks to a combined initiative between PNG & Australia.



P: +675 472 6095
F: +675 472 3015

General Enquiries

Public Relations

Dr. Ruso Perone is the Director Medical Services (Email:

The director of nursing is Sr Concilia Amol.  The senior surgeon/urologist is Dr Simon Kasa.  The deputy chief of Emergency medicine for PNG highlands, is Dr Alex Peani (


A number of missionary & non-government hospitals also exist.

Kokoda Memorial Hospital

Kokoda Memorial Hospital is a located in Kokoda, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. It was built by Rotary Australia volunteers in 1995. The building of the hospital was financed by the Government of Australia, with the Papuan government providing staff. The hospital was named for those who died in the Kokoda Campaign.


Enga Provincial Hospital

Enga Provincial Hospital is

Sopas District Hospital

Sopas District Hospital in Wabag is located on the Highlands Highway, Enga Province of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Its elevation is 5,000 feet making it cool (non humid) all year round.
Because of its remoteness, and independent governance, it receives very little medical help from the rest of PNG. Sopas district hospital is 45 minutes drive on the Highlands Highway North West of Wapenamanda airport in Mondop. It is also 2 hours drive direct East of Kairik airport, Porgera.