DAISI has a current Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health & Medical Health (MHMH) services and its hospitals. This MoU sets our clear shared objectives between DAISI and its partners. Most volunteer work is conducted in Gizo Hospital and National Referral Hospital (NRH), in Honiara.

If you would like to volunteer your medical services, then the Solomon Islands may be the perfect place to do this.

The Solomon Islands are one of our closest lesser developed neighbours, with the capital Honiara a direct less than 6 hour flight (1,600km) away from Sydney with Solomon Airlines or Qantas. These airlines also offer direct flights to Gizo (with 1.5 hour transit in Honiara).

Prof Peter Hewett is the DAISI Programme Officer for the Solomon Islands.

Why volunteer in the Solomon Islands?

The natural untouched beauty of the Solomon Islands is breathtaking, but so too is the poverty. The Solomon Islands’ per-capita GDP of $600 ranks it one of our most deserving lesser developed neighbours, with more than 75% of its labour force engaged in subsistence and fishing. The tropical temperatures, with heavy monsoonal rainfall make the islands abundantly rich and fertile for growing fruits and vegetables, while the oceans are teaming with fish.  Very few in the Solomon Islands go without food.

 However medical care is limited in the Solomon Islands, with the remoteness of the Islands making it difficult to deliver adequate care to all.  The life expectancy in the Solomon Islands due to poor health care delivery is one of the lowest in the developing world.

Is registration required?

Any qualified doctor or nurse wanting to volunteer in the Solomon Islands must email a completed Application for temporary medical registration in the Solomon Islands or nursing application form , necessary supporting documents & curriculum vitae  to staff@daisi.com.au for processing.  For doctors this is then be emailed by DAISI staff to Mrs Francina Ega  Email Mrs Francina Ega.  To check on your application you can call +61 677 23601.  For nurses, applications are then sent by DAISI staff to the Nursing Council Registar,  Vaelyn Ehamana email: Vehamana@moh.gov.sb and copy in the Chair of the Nursing Council Mr Michael Lauri email: MLarui@moh.gov.sb

 To check on your application you can call +61 677 20830. 

How do I get there ?

Solomon Airlines (Also call Fly Solomons) offer direct flights from Brisbane and Auckland.

Applying for extra baggage

Requests for extra baggage allowance for humanitarian purpose can be sent to Solomon Airlines General Manager Colin Sigimanu.

Virgin Australia applications can be made via their sponsorship application page however applications need to be made 3 weeks prior to departure. Alternately email requests for extra baggage allowance for humanitarian purposes can be emailed to prize.winners@virginaustralia.com

Hospitals in the Solomon Islands?

There are 9 provinces in the Solomon Islands, each province having its own public hospital.  A number of hospitals in the Solomon Islands have well established links with DAiSI® and volunteers abroad, making organising to volunteer in these hospitals a relatively straight forward process.