viola hospital

Vaiola Hospital, Phone: +0011 676 23200

Vaiola Hospital, Nuku’alofa, is the main hospital in Tonga, situated on Taufa’ahau Road on the outskirts of the capital city, Nuku’Alofa. The existing hospital is facing a long term upgrade funded by World Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and is a general medical and general surgical hospital.

The Health Departments are supervised by various chief medical officers including:

Diabetes Centre – Dr. Veisinia Vaha’i and Dr. Taniela Palu
Accidents /Emergency – Dr. Matamoana Tupou and Dr. Maletino Mafi
Dental Services- Dr. Sililo Tomiki
Eye, Ear and Throat & Clinical Services- Dr. Lei Saafi and Dr. Paula Vivili
Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit – Dr. Semisi Latu
Queen Salote School of Nursing and Head of Nursing – Sr. Sela Paasi


Medical students & doctors that would like to volunteer in Tonga for a medical elective placement should email

Specialist doctors can contact the medical superintendent Dr Lisiate Ulufonua. Surgeons interested in volunteering should contact the head surgeon at Vaiola hospital Dr Viliami Tangi (Lord Tangi of Vaonukonuka).

Physicians interested in volunteering should contact Dr Veisinia Matoto Vaha’i who is a physician in charge of the diabetes centre.