General Manager – Pro Bono (Voluntary) 0.2 FTE for Doctors Assisting In South Pacific Islands (DAISI)


The Pro Bono (voluntary) General Manager is responsible to the Executive for various aspects of  the administrative management of the company Doctors Assisting In South-Pacific Islands (DAISI) including (but not limited to) management of:

  1. Staff and volunteers,
  2. Maintenance of website
    3. Marketing,
    4. Programmes and volunteer visits to the South Pacific
    5. DAISI annual Charity Ball fundraiser
    6. Annual General Meeting (AGM) and board meetings (including preparing agenda and minutes)
    7. Second yearly elections of Board Members and Office Bearer positions.
    8. Sourcing of funding for DAISI where possible

These activities will be performed in consultation with the Secretary and Chair who will also provide the General Manager support when necessary in achieving the above activities and DAISI’s short-term and longer-term goals and aims.

Exclusion Criteria

DAISI is committed to the ACFID Code of Conduct regarding Child Protection, with Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and National Police Records (NPR) required by all applicants.


Main Responsibilities and Duties

Budget and fund-raising

• In consultation with the Treasurer and Finance Officer, monitor business expenditure and costs against agreed budget/funding guidelines and ensure we operate cost-effectively at all times.
• In consultation with the sponsorship officer, seek and secure external sources of funding to further the development of the business.

Manage day-to-day finances with the aid of the finance officer.

  • Be the day-to-day contact and help steer fund raising, ensuring, in consultation with the Sponsorship Officer, the effective implementation of our fundraising and marketing strategy to increase our profile and secure more sustainable income.
    • Take the lead on specific fundraising activities in consultation with the Sponsorship Officer, ensuring compliance with DAISI’s Fundraising Policies and codes of conduct.


  • Organise transport arrangements and country specific documentation for volunteers at appropriate time prior to planned trips
    • Ensure adherence of members, volunteers, and partners to policies and safeguards, ensuring compliance to the ACFID Code of Conduct in all matters (e.g. Protection of Children, Disabled, Environment, Gender, Human Rights, Privacy, Data Privacy, Vulnerable Adult) ensuring as a minimum that all DAISI volunteers and members have up to date Criminal Records Checks (National Police Certificate) and Working With Children Checks (WCCC) prior to volunteering or working with DAISI.


  • Ensure the DAISI website is maintained and operated to a high standard, improving efficiency, presentation and profitability of the visitor operation.


  • In consultation with the relevant Country Programme Officer and the Shipping logistics Officer, oversee the packing and delivery of donated goods to the South Pacific.
    • Oversee and/or play an active role in negotiation with suppliers, donors, partners and primary stakeholders as appropriate.


Working hand-in-hand with the DAISI secretary and Chair, the General Manager will actively contribute to the growth and strategic direction of the company and delivery of its strategic plan.


  • Handle complaints and grievances from customers, clients, staff or volunteers ensuring a timely response and work within the appropriate policies.
    • Establish and maintain strong relationships with partners, primary stakeholders and interested parties, in Australia and in the South-Pacific countries DAISI is involved with.
  • Attend and contribute to third monthly Board meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM), as required, preparation a management report, including finance report, targets report etc.
    • Keep abreast of and conform to any legislation relevant to DAISI’s activities and maintain consultation with the Executive Board in regards to these matter.
    • Perform other duties not specified in the job description, but which may be reasonably expected of a General Manager and as directed by the DAISI Executive Board.

Job Type

Contract (12 months) – Part Time
• This position is by contract (12 months), with an initial 3 month probationary period. If at the end of 12 months both parties are in agreement the position will be extended. 

• This is currently a Pro Bono (voluntary), contract 0.2FTE position.
• It is possible in the future for there to be a salary attached, at some point, to the position of General Manager if funding permits. Because of COVID downturn in activities and funding, applicants should be prepared that there will be no salary for this position for at least the first year.  Certainly this situation will be reviewed by the Executive regularly at the DAISI quarterly board meetings where DAISI’s income and bank balance would be considering factors.