DAISI is fair and transparent and non discriminatory in its human resource policies particularly in relation to the recruitment and selection of staff.  DAISI’s recruitment of staff policy give specific instructions on the appropriate method for advertising, interviewing and selecting employees, making it a standardised transparent and honest process.  An example of this is DAISI’s interviewing of three applicants for position of General Manager, with zoom interviews conducted with the Executive members CEO, Chair, Deputy-Chair Secretary,  and board members present.  Interview was standardised, and the decision on whom to choose was based on their CV, past experience and interview skills with selection by majority vote ( 5.3 vote in favour of successful candidate).

Our recruitment of members and volunteers policy and recruitment of staff policy,  ensure adequate vetting of applicants, with reference checks, Working with Children Checks, and current registration checks, including AHPRA restrictions on practice or past history of misconduct.   All staff, members and volunteers must confirm their commitment to the ACFID Code of Conduct. 5. All DAISI  volunteers and members must agree to maintenance of confidentiality when it comes to the use of personal information of partners, recipients, or other members and volunteers. All DAISI volunteers and members must obtain travel insurance when travelling to the South Pacific to volunteer.

DAISI’s Staff Safety and Security Policy aims to ensure that staff safety is a priority at all times. For salaried employees DAISI is committed to meeting the ten minimum National Employment Standards (NES) for employees in Australia.

DAISI is committed to preventing any form of gender, racial, sexual or disability discrimination from occurring in interview and selection processes consistent with the relevant laws (the Racial Discrimination Act 1984, the Sex Discrimination Act 1992, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992).

DAISI staff Code of Conduct guidelines also gives staff clear indication of correct conduct, and the avoidance of actions considered to represent misconduct.

DAISI’s Grievance and Complaints Process policy makes it clear to staff that they have the right to raise concerns made in good faith through a legitimate grievance process, without fear of retribution or retaliation, knowing that complaints will be adequately investigated.