Today we have received confirmation that the original Gizo hospital, damaged in the 2007 tsunami has now been burnt to the ground as a result of a fire that is believed to have started in the psychiatric inpatient ward.
Although the new hospital has not been affected the psychiatric unit, and many of the public health and administrative offices have been reduced to cinders.


View of the old Gizo hospital burning.
DAISI® is calling for volunteers and sponsors to help deal with the clean up required. As we speak seven DAISI® volunteers are in Gizo helping with the medical relief.
Please consider volunteering or  donating to DAISI®. Every dollar counts and will go towards the clean up effort.

Dr Ben Tassie is a surgical SRMO at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. Ben spent 10 weeks in Gizo in 2015 as a rotation from St Vincent’s helping to run the emergency department alongside the A+E nurses. While he was there, he visited Helena Goldie Hospital on a weekly basis. Ben is committed to ongoing humanitarian work with Gizo hospital.