Sopas Hospital staff in front of the second shipping container delivered this year.

On behalf of Sopas District Hospital staff, community and Enga Provincial Health Authority (EPHA), I would like to thank Doctors Assisting In South-Pacific Islands (DAISI) and its executive for the first and second containers of medical equipments/supplies received this year with value more than one million kina.


Our extreme gratitude is extended to Horten Medical/various hospitals in Australia/individuals/organisations/companies that have assisted and/or donated these medical equipments/supplies, and the Owen Miller Foundation largely responsible for paying for freight charges.

These donations will truly go a long way in saving the lives of many people in the highlands of PNG particularly Enga Province.

This is indeed a huge blessing.

Special thanks to so many individuals in particular Dr Gary McKay, Roshini McKay, Mark Taffa, Matt Rickard, Christophe Berney, Carina Chow, Adelene Ong, Jessica Lim, and all DAISI team members (cannot mention all their names as too many) who have visited Sopas District Hospital and all who have contributed in one way or the other towards these supplies.
God Bless you all!


Dr Elvis Japhlet is the head surgeon at Sopas District Hospital in the remote highlands of PNG, and has been working together with DAISI to improve the delivery of surgical services to Enga Province.