We have finally been able to supply clean drinking water to Gizo hospital.  This is great news for the patients of Gizo hospital, who had to buy their own bottled water for drinking, as until recently the pumped water was brackish and only able to be used for grey water systems. Drinking water had to be bought or sourced from the island of Kolambangara, which is almost 20km away.

The water treatment unit is manufactured by the Swiss company Trunz which manufactures and distributes solar and wind powered water purification and desalination systems as well as energy supply systems for remote locations, and I thank them for their generous contribution.

The system delivers 600 liters of clean potable water per hour with Storage tanks to provide a back up supply.

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Petra Breiting is a registered nurse from Switzerland, with more than 30 years nursing experience, who was involved in training theatre staff at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara in 2000.  She was also instrumental in the above project at Gizo hospital to provide more accessible clean drinking water.