I am pleased to announce that tonight’s DAISI Charity Ball raised sufficient funds to send another shipping container full of surgical equipment to Sopas Hospital, in the remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Tonight’s DAIS Charity Ball was perfectly timed to coincide with the arrival of the last shipping container sent by DAISI to Sopas Hospital in the remote Highlands of PNG.  In fact we were able to play a special thank you video this evening at the DAISI Charity Ball from head surgeon Dr Elvis Japhlet (Sopas Hospital) thanking everyone at the DAISI Ball for their generosity.

Thank You video from surgeon Dr Elvis Japhlet shown at the DAISI Charity Ball. 


Dr Japhlet is also looking forward to receiving the next shipping container, which will be now be possible with the money raised from tonight’s Ball.

The other video shown this evening was created by fil maker Quentin Curzon, and depicts nicely the philosophy of DAISI.  It also shows how vibrant the Sopas Hospital Surgical Program is, with great enthusiasm and willingness to learn by local surgeons, anaesthetic officers and nurses.

Video documentary by Quentin Curzon describing the DAISI program at Sopas Hospital in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Dr Santee Santhanam is a colorectal surgeon from Newcastle.  He is a DAISI member and in 2019 the elected DAISI Treasurer.  He has done a number of volunteer trips to various hospitals in the Solomon Islands (Munda, Gizo & Taro),  and will conduct a fact- finding mission to Alotau hospital, in Papua New Guinea in January 2020.