All Hospitals Solomon Islands

There are 9 provinces in the Solomon Islands, each with its own public hospital with on-site doctor except for Central Province and Rennell-Bellona Province.  Three mission hospitals also provide care for public patients.  Those hospitals in the Solomon Islands with well established links with DAiSI® are listed.  For these hospitals,  volunteering is a relatively straight forward process.

The most popular hospitals (from North to South) are:  Taro Hospital (Choiseul Province);  Gizo Hospital and  Helena Goldie Hospital (Western Province); Buala Hospital (Isabel Province);  Kilu ‘ufi (Auki) Hospital  & Atoifi Adventist Hospital (Malaita Province); Tulaji Hospital, Florida Island, (Central Province), the National Referral Hospital (NRH), Honiara & Good Samaritan Hospital, Tetere, (Guadalcanal Province); and Kirakira Hospital & Namuga Hospital (Makira Province), the latter currently under construction with completion expected early 2017. In the far South East is Lata Hospital, Santa Cruz (Temotu Province).

Electives at any of these hospital can be organised by emailing the Hospital Director at each respective hospital.
Specialist doctors interested in visiting any of these hospitals can email Karen Kiko (Supervisor of Overseas Specialist Visits).