This general, endoscopy, head and neck, and colorectal surgery trip involved nine DAISI volunteers from Australia including three DAISI surgeons and two anaesthetists doing volunteer head and neck, general and colorectal surgeon at Gizo Hospital for one week.


mark muhlmann's team


suggested itinerary Name Specialty Dates Origin  Detination Application Received
 N/A Dr Dickson Boara Medical Superintendent  15-21 Oct 2018  Gizo Hospital  Gizo  Yes
 N/A Henrieta Jagilly  Charge Nurse  15-21 Oct 2018  Gizo Hospital  Gizo  N/A
 N/A Soraya Pina  Secretary  15-21 Oct 2018  Gizo Hospital  Gizo  N/A
 N/A Dr Unu Gagahe  Anaesthetic Registrar  15-22 Oct 2018  Gizo  Gizo  N/A
 N/A  Dr Paul Kekou  Surgical Registrar  15-22 Oct 2018  Gizo  Gizo  N/A
 N/A Dr Angeline Naqu  Gynae registrar  15-22 Oct 2018  Gizo  Gizo  N/A
 N/A Dr James Niunimae  Surgical Registrar  15-22 Oct 2018  Gizo  Gizo  N/A
 Details Dr Philip Komasi  Surgical Registrar  15-22 Oct 2018  NRH  Gizo  N/A
Details Dr Douglas Pickacha Surgeon 15-22 Oct 2018 Western Province Gizo N/A
Details Dr Mark Muhlmann Colorectal Surgeon 14-21 Oct 2018 Prince of Wales Hospital Gizo Yes
 Details Raj Gupta Anaesthetist 14-21 Oct 2018 St George Hospital Gizo Yes
Details a/Prof Chris Berney Colorectal Surgeon 14-21 Oct 2018 Bankstown Hospital Gizo Yes
Details Dr Vinod Pushpa Anaesthetist 14-21 Oct 2018 Western Australia Gizo Yes
Details Dr Veral Vishnoi Surgical SRMO 15-22 Oct 2018 John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle Gizo No
Details Dr Jennifer Ko Surgical SRMO 15-22 Oct 2018 John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle Gizo No
Details Travis Darlow Volunteer 15-22 Oct 2018 Wollongong Gizo Yes
Details  Helen Richards Stomal Nurse 15-22 Oct 2018  Wollongong Gizo  Yes
 Details  Dr Timothy Holmes  Surgical SRMO  15-22 Oct 2018  John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle  Gizo  Not Yet
 The DAISI team departed Sydney Qantas (QF508) 8am Mond 15th Oct, and arrived Gizo 4:40pm and check into Naqua hotel.   The plan was prior screening to be organised by DAISI Surgeon Dr Douglas Pickacha and NRH surgical registrar Dr Philip Komasi.  Unfortunatley Dr Philip Komasi could not make the trip due to lack of approval of funding by Solomon Islands MOH. The DAISI team operated Tue 16th, Wed 17th Thur 18th, and Fri 19th and relaxed Sat 20th Oct. The team departed Gizo (Nasatupe) airport 10:25am Sun 21st Oct, and arrived Sydney 7:40pm.



giZo airport

Gizo airport

feast at naqua hotel

farewell feast at Naqua hotel.

2nd feast

The entire DAISI team feasting at Naqua hotel. From left to right: Jennifer Ko, Chris Berney, Veral Vishnoi, Helen Richards, Travis Darlow, Timothy Holmes, Vinod Pushpa, Mark Muhlmann, & ??.

crystal clear water

Fatboys  resort.


Fatboys resort.

group photo

Left to right Helen Ricards, Mark Muhlmann, Chris Berney, Jennifer Ko and Timothy Holmes.

everyone in ot

All the theatres staff at Gizo Hospital.


Gizo recovery


DAISI trip # 15 – Oct 2018 (General, head and neck and colorectal Surgery) to Gizo, Solomon Islands


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