Left to right: Back row – Dr Douglas Pikacha, Dr Mark Muhlman, Dr Maddy Gramlick, Dr Vinod Pushpa, Prof Christophe Berney, Dr Raj Gupta, Clayton Daylano, Dr Gordon Koburo, & Dr Una Gagahe. middle row – Nerrie Reddie, Jon Parry, Veral Vishnoi, and Nerrie Raddie. Front row: Dr Mike Buin.

This DAISI trip was requested 4th Nov 2018, and was approved by Dr Dickson Boara 17th June 2019. The team departed Sydney 6:30am Sat 12th Oct 2019 and arrived Gizo 5pm.  Volunteers stayed at Aveala and Naqua Guest house, with communal living for mealtimes.

Dr Raj Gupta, Dr Veral Vishnoi, & Dr Vinod Pushpa at Naqua Guesthouse.


Surgical Registrars from Newcastle Dr Maddy Gramlick and Dr Veral Vishnoi doing morning  coffee duties.

Senior surgeon & DAISI Member Dr Douglas Pickacha led this week of surgery at Gizo hospital.


Left to right: Surgeons Dr Douglas Pickacha, Dr Mike Buin, Prof Chrstiophe Berney, scrub nurse Nerrie Raddie and anaesthetist Dr Raj Gupta.

General Surgeon Dr Mike Buin also kindly agreed to coordinate, attend & organise the screening of patients for this trip.
Surgical Registrar Dr Gordon Koburu from National Referral Hospital (NRH), the local Gizo surgical registrars, Dr James Niunimae & Dr Paul Kekou, and Anaesthetic registrar Dr Unu Gagahe, also attended this trip.


Nurse manager Clayton Daylano, Surgeon Dr Mike Buin & Anaesthetic Registrar Dr Una Gagahe. 

The principal aim of this trip to teach local registrars was well achieved.
The hospital’s preparation was spectacular. Senior Nurse manager Henrieta Jagilly organised four perioperative nurses to attend (Clayton Dalano, Patricia Bosso, Nerrie Reddie, Judy Russel  & Zelme Zoze).


Carbon dioxide was available for minor laparoscopic surgery and training.


Left to right: Vinod Pushpa, Dr Mark Muhlman, Dr Mike Buin,  & scrub nurse Nerrie Raddie. 

Four patients with rectal cancers had been organised: two had their surgery at NRH by colorectal surgeon Dr Mark Muhlmann, and two had their surgery at Gizo Hospital by Dr Douglas Pickacha, Dr Mike Buin & Prof Chris Berney.  Surgical registrars from Newcastle Dr Veral Vishnoi, and Dr Maddy Gramlick also attended.
The anaesthetic support was provided by anaesthetists Dr Vinod Pushpa and Raj Gupta.


Anaethetist Dr Raj Gupta and Anaesthetic Registrar Dr Una Gagahe.

Notre Dame medical student Jon Parry also attended.

The DAISI team did a solid week of operating, with a giant feast prepared as a farewell the last day.

Farewell feast at Naqua Guest House.



Dr Vinod Pushpa  with Dr Maddy Gramlick. & Dr VeralVishnoi, about to enjoy several Solomin Island delicacies.

Dr Pikacha and most of the DAISI members flew to Seghe on Sat 19th Oct.


Back row: Prof Christophe Berney, Dr Maddy Gramlick, Dr Mark Muhlman, Jon Parry, (?? ??) Front row: Dr Vinod Pushpa, Dr Veral Visnoi, Dr Mike Buin. 

From Seghe they took a boat to Uepi Island in Morova Lagoon (the longest salt water lagoon in the world), where they spent a few days relaxing before returning to Australia.


Dr Mark Muhlman, Prof Christophe Berney and Dr Raj Gupta in pencil boat.  



DAISI trip # 14 – Oct 2019 (Colorectal Surgery) to Gizo Hospital, Western Province, Solomon Islands.


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