This year (2020) there are seven planned surgical trips to the South Pacific.

Countries visited this year will be PNG, and the Solomon Islands.

If you would like to join one of these surgical trips, or have sufficient experience to start a separate trip, please complete the “apply now” online application.

The status of planned trips is indicated by the colour of text :

Black text = trip not yet confirmed/approved by hospital. 
green text = trip has been confirmed/approved by hospital.
red text = trip cancelled. 


Trip # 1. Gary McKay & Santee Santhanam (Fact Finding Mission in General Surgery), 31st January 2020, Alotau Provincial Hospital, Alotau (Milne Bay Province), Papua New Guinea.

trip # 2. Carina Chow & Ben Green (Laparoscopic & Head & Neck Surgery) Date undecided but sometime in Easter school holidays, 4th April – 20th April 2020 –  Sopas District Hospital (Enga Province), & Alotau Hospital (Milne Bay Province), Papua New Guinea

Trip # 3.  Charbel Sandroussi & Peter Hewett May 2020 (dates undecided), National Referral Hospital (Guadal Canal),  Solomon Islands

Trip # 4. Matthew Rickard, Eric Fuentes & Mark Taffa (Breast, Colorectal & Laparoscopic & Biomedical)  11th May – 15th May 2020, Sopas Hospital (Enga Province), Papua New Guinea.

Trip# 5. Narko Tutuo & Linda Fenton (Head and Neck & General Surgery), Sunday 14th June – 19th June 2020 to NRH & Gizo Hospital (Western Western Province), Solomon Islands.

trip # 6. Christophe Berney (General and Laparoscopic & Head and Neck surgery), 1st – 11th August 2020, Sopas Hospital (Enga Province), Papua New Guinea.

Trip # 7. Daniel Kozman (Colorectal & Laparoscopic surgery), Sun 5th Oct – sat 11th Oct  –  National Referral Hospital (Guadal Canal) & Gizo Hospital (Western Province), Solomon Islands.


2020 Gynae trips

Trip # 1. Dr Sean Heinz & Dr Peter Bell (Gynae & Laparoscopy) Sat 14th Mar – Sun 22nd Mar 2020,  Gizo Hospital (Western Province),Solomon Islands.

Trip#  2. Alan Tong (Gynae & Laparoscopy) – 28th September – 2nd October  2020 – Gynae Surgery – Gizo Hospital (Western Province),Solomon Islands.

Trip # 3. Peter Bell, (Gynae & Laparoscopy)  7th – 15th November  2020,  Sopas Hospital (Enga Province), Papua New Guinea.


2020 medical trips

Trip # 1.  Dr James Weaver, Dr George Youssef, & Dr Suresh Singarayar (Cardiology)  Tue 17th – Thur 19th Mar 2020,  National Referral Hospital (Guadal Canal), Solomon Islands