Gizo Doctor Performs Endoscopy

by Sepehr Lajevardi

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Dr Andrew Soma, a local doctor at Gizo hospital, successfully performed gastroscopy and colonoscopy at Gizo hospital in January this year. 

This was made possible due to the earlier donation of colonoscopes and gastroscopes, and the endoscopy digital monitor, by Dr Fred Boseto, a surgeon from Bathurst Hospital in Australia in September 2014.  At that time, Dr Boseto performed the first gastroscopy and colonoscopy at Gizo hospital.

Dr Soma, did his medical degree in PNG, and has largely been responsible for providing surgical assessment and treatment at Gizo hospital.  Dr Soma is of the opinion that

“gastroscopy and colonoscopy are very necessary non-invasive tests that provide much information and can be done very safely with only mild sedation. Without these useful investigations we are often guessing as to the cause of symptoms.”

The other advantage of these tests, is the ability to biopsy or even remove early growths, polyps or cancer, preventing these growths from spreading.

Although it has been slow to take off, it is hoped that Gizo hospital can begin to offer a regular endoscopy service to facilitate the diagnosis of vague abdominal pain.  It is also indicated in those with bleeding or sudden change in bowel habit.