Annual General Meeting Agenda

  (open to all members & invitees)

Date:   Tuesday 25th August
Time:   6pm – 7:00pm
Place:   ZOOM (Meeting ID: 7491064640 Password: 118912
Convenor:   Matt Rickard (Chairperson)
Contact:    +61 420 497 969

Item Description Responsible

Welcome and introductions   Confirmation of attendance received in advanced from:   Matt Rickard, Christophe Berney, Danny Kozman, Gary McKay, Santee Santhanam, Ian Hosking Richards, Nili Hali, Carina Chow, Barry Barford, Erina Yip, Mark Taffa, Peter Hewett, Linda Fenton, Elaine Clarke, Christopher Jones, Norman Blumenthal, Graeme Wertheimer, Araz Boghossian, Desmond Yip, Madelyn Gramlick, Byron Field, Kirsten Larson, Narko Tutuo, Konrad Richter, Linda Fenton, Basil Leodoro

Chair – Matt Rickard  
2 Apologies   Dr Christy Yeow, Dr Chris Miller, Dr Anil Koshy, Marrwah Ahmadzai Dr Vinod Pushpalingam & Molly Kumar.   Co-Deputy Chair – Christophe Berney

Review of actions from previous annual general meeting  

Appointment of New Executive Board of Directors & Office Bearers.

Funding for DAISISignatories to ACFID  Code of ConductApply for DFAT funding for:

part-time secretary


travel expenses for volunteers & nurses  

a/Prof Rickard enquiries with RACS The relationship between The Solomon Foundation and DAISI with opportunity of synergy. Location and regularity of tripsWhere to focus attention and who to donate to?The responsible donation of equipmentWhether DAISI delivers major or minor surgeryCoordination of Surgical and Gynae trips to avoid clashVolunteer’s reporting obligations (after trips)Advertising for DAISI and improved awareness Christophe Berney  to contact web-developer Ashley2020 DAISI Ball – ate & venueFunding issues for third (& last) shipping container  

4 Acceptance of minutes of previous annual general meeting CEO – Carina Chow
5 Chairperson’s Report   COVID interruption to future trips & Charity BallEmphasis during COVID on medical supply delivery by shipping containersACFID applicationDFAT applicationFundingNursesSecretaryVolunteer’s travel expensesImproved communication with partnersPositions Vacant – 0.2-0.4 FTE General Manager (Vontary)     Chair – Matt Rickard
  CEO Report   Activity first and second half of this financial year.Activity of Officer BearersTiming for resumption of TripsRole of Country Program Officers.Laparoscopic program at SopasEncouraging Non-Surgical DAISI trips.   CEO – Carina Chow
6 Treasurer’s report   Also obtained on page 21-22 of the Annual Report on DAISI’s website For the 1st July 2019 – 30th June 2020 financial year total income was $73,719.52 and total expenses were $87,788.51. Financially, expenditure exceeded income by $14,068 this year with much higher than usual administrative costs being 17% of all expenditure! This was largely due to purchase of DAISI caps and polo-shirts (for eventual resale), and administrative costs in ensuring DAISI’s compliance with the ACFID Code of Conduct. It is our aim to keep these administration costs in future years as low as possible (i.e. below 10%-15%) .which compares very favourably with larger charity organisations).  At 30th June 2020, DAISI remains poor but not in debt, with total assets being $5,959.84 and no liability. All GST payments up to date. Account balance at time of AGM $6,113.25   Treasurer – Santee Santhanam
7 Questions to directors Chairperson – Matt Rickard
12 Election of directors (NOT REQUIRED UNTIL NEXT YEAR AT 2021 AGM)  
13 Annual General Meeting close Chairperson – Matt Rickard

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

Doctors Assisting In South-Pacific Islands (DAISI)

Board Meeting Agenda (open to all DAISI Board Members and Office Bearers)

To follow the AGM



Date:   Tuesday 25th August
Time:   6:30pm – 7pm (to follow
Place:   ZOOM (Meeting ID: 7491064640 Password: 118912

Item Description Responsible
1 Welcome Confirmation of attendance received in advance from:   Matt Rickard, Christophe Berney, Danny Kozman, Gary McKay, Santee SanthanamCarina Chow, Barry Barford, Erina Yip, Mark Taffa, Peter Hewett, Nili Hali, Ian Hosking Richards, Charbel Sandroussi Chair – Matt Rickard
2 Apologies   No apologies   Co Deputy Chair – Danny Kozman
3 Review of actions from previous annual general meeting   Efforts to find a volunteer General Manager for DAISI   Secretary – Gary McKay
4 Acceptance of minutes of previous annual general meeting Co-Deputy Chair – Christophe Berney
5 Chairperson’s report Matt Rickard
  Vice Chair Report Danny Kozman & Christophe Berney
6 CEO/s Report Carina Chow
7   Office Bearer Reports   Sponsorship – Ian RichardsFinance – Sam DelyamiLaparoscopic Training – Charbel SandroussiShipping & Logistics – Barry BarfordChild Protection – Nili HaliMedical Student Liaison Officer – Michael Chow     Country Programme Officers PNG – Mark TaffaSolomon Islands – Peter HewettKiribati – Sepehr LajevardiVanuatu – Basil LeodoroFiji – Konrad Richter   New Officer Bearers: Acting Environment Protection Officer – Lyndall DalleyActing Disability Support Officer – Erina YipActing Gender Equality Officer – Vasu Santhanam        
8 Questions to directors Chairperson – Matt Rickard
         9                   Proposed resolutions     Secretary – Gary McKay      
Proposed resolution Moved by
That the following Officer Bearers be appointed:   Vasu Santhanam – Gender Equality OfficerLyndall Dalley  – Environment Protection OfficerErina Yip – Disability Support Officer  
  Approve changes in constitution and company governance structure & security checks to ensure ACFID compliance:  Revised ConstitutionCompany Governance Structure  Compulsory ACFID Code of Conduct training of all Executive and CEOCompulsory Working with Children Check all membersCompulsory National Police Check all members  
  Approve the following DAISI policies (compliant with ACFID):   environment protection policydisability policygender equality policyhuman rights policyprivacy policiessexual exploitation policyvulnerable persons policycollaboration policyfundraising policyhumanitarian policyself-improvement policy   Approve DAISI Code of Conduct Checklists: Child Protection Environment Protection    

  Approval of Job Descriptions for:   Executive Board (Directors)   ChairpersonDeputy ChairTreasurerSecretaryCEO   Office Bearers Sponsorship Officer Finance OfficerLaparoscopic Training OfficerShipping & Logistics OfficerChild Protection OfficerMedical Student Liaison Officer Environment Protection Officer Disability Support Officer Gender Equality OfficerPNG programme officerSolomon Islands programme officerKiribati programme officerVanuatu programme officerFiji programme officer   Other Positions General Manager        
  Approval of MOU with partners including in principle support of ACFID child protection policies and code of conduct:   Kiribati Vanuatu Solomon Islands Enga Province – Papua New Guinea Alotau Hospital – Papua New Guinea  
  Approval of DAISI’s financial statements (also published in DIASI’s website) Treasurer – Santee Santhanam
10 Acceptance of DAISI’s  annual report Co -Deputy Chair – Danny Kozman
11 Board Meeting close Chair – Matt Rickard